Dramatically Remote Stories



Based out of his steel sailboat, La Montaña, Bradford has been working with film and photography for 15 years.  In the past, as an athlete for climbing and kayak companies, he's taken these creative talents all over the world producing over 70 films in more than 15 countries.  Bradford specializes as a light and fast alpine climber and skier capturing stunning imagery from the most hostile and challenging environments.  

“I can say with confidence that I do not know any other videographer/photographer in the action sports industry that would endure the amount of physical and mental punishment we faced on the approach to our base camp.”
— Eric Hjorleifson

Bradford is here to blend his excitement of filmmaking with your own passion.  Whether you are a business that needs to increase its visual presence, a visionary fighting to tell a desperately unknown story, or a sponsor capturing your product and athletes on the edge of possibility.  It is Bradford's mission to develop your vision into full and vibrant life, through a collaboration of his best.  Now drop a line so I can quit talking about myself in the third person!